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:Contract J.L's Orders / Proformas / Formats / Proposals :

GJCs Telangana Contract Faculty- Simple Income Tax Packages Exclusively @ SEWAA


TSGJCs-CFM Simple I.T Package(All)

 GJCs- Contract Faculty Simple I.Tax Package(Common) 

 GJCs-KB Asifabad Contract Faculty Simple Income Tax Package 

  GJCs- Adilabad Contract Faculty Simple Income Tax Package  

GJCs-Nirmal Contract Faculty Simple Income Tax Package

GJCs- Warangal(Rural) Contract Faculty Simple I.T Package




Half day Casual Leave - Contract Faculty of GJCs- CIE,TS Orders

Remuneration Certificate - C.F of GJCs- CIE,TS Orders

G.O No.70, 21.5.2019  (Contract Staff Renewal order for 2019-20)


CJLs  Bond Period Extended from 30.3.19 to 31.5.19 CIE Orders

G.O No.222,5.9.2018 (TS Contract Staff Months Salary)


MTS Lecturers(19) Regularisation-Info-CIE Proceedings

Income Tax(2017-18) for CJLs -CIE,TS  Orders

CIE,AP Orders-Shortage of Attendance Condonation Fee.

Attendance Condonation.fee List, Letter to Secretary,BIE


CJL & Guest Salaries Sep-17, CIE Order Dt. 18.11.17

Condonation fees, Students not to include in Results-CIE Order

Maths-IIA & IIB Result Count- Clarification of CIE,TS


CJL & Guest Salaries June-Aug17, CIE Order Dt. 19.8.17

C.F Monthly Honororium Requirement Proposals-Proforma

CF Monthly Budget Proposals Covering Letter to DIEO

CF Acquittance for Remunerations (Month wise)

* * *

Hourly basis Remuneration Calculation.Statement

Guest Faculty Budget Requirement-Proforma

Guest Faculty Budget Proposals Covering Letter to DIEO


CJLs Basic Pay(37100/-) G.O 162, 16.6.2017

CJLs Renewal Order-2017-18

A.P Out Sourcing Salary on 1st-G.O 197,14.10.16

CJL Renewal CIE,TS Orders(16-17)  

  CJL-Agreement Bond Matter(A4)


CJL Self Declaration attested by Ppl (2.6.14)   

Non-available Bond-Certificate    

GJCs(All Districts) Starting-G.Os(1970 onwards)

Know your GJC Starting Year(All Districts)-in a Click


J.L Post Qualifications-Equivalency Orders of BIE/APPSC

CJL Certificate Verifications(3Men Committee)-DVEO,Wgl Order

CJL Certificate Verifications(3Men Committee)-DVEO,Kmm & Nlg Order


Contract Regularisation Proposals to DVEO-Cov.Letter

Contract Regularise-Check List(Individual) 

Contract Regularise- Check List (Consolidated) Excel Set-A4

Check List Proforma(Individual) -PDF

Check Lists-CIE,TS Letter, Proforma(15 Col.s)

CJL-Regularise -Higher Edn Memo(6.4.2016)

C.J.L Duty Certificate(with paid Remunerative days)

GJC Contract Faculty Important Data(Year-wiseDates)

J.L Eligibility -Subject-wise Qualifications-Document

GJC Contract Faculty Important Data(CIE Memo No.s)

Contract Regularisations-All-Depts Data


 RJDIE,Wgl Orders seeking DATA of CJLs from all DVEOs of ZoneV & VI

 Circular Memo-Finance(HRM) for Regularisation of Contract Staff

Contract Staff-Data called from all HODs Finance Dept.Mem0,26.2.2016  

 RJDCE,Warangal Called Info. (Proforma) Contract Lecturers

G.O No.16,26.2.16(Contract Staff Regularise-Notification)

G.O No.14, 19.2.2016 Enhance Remunerations(50%)


CIE,AP Orders-Shortage of Attendance Condonation Fee.

Attendance Condonation.fee List, Letter to Secretary,BIE

TSGJC-Teaching Posts-Cadre-wise Data

CJL-Duty Attendance Certificate 

C.J.L Duty Certificate(with paid Remunerative days)


Contract Staff Proforma(24 Col.)-Gen & Voc(Legal)

T-CJLs- Renewal G.O 148 &CIE,TS Proceeding(10.7.15)

TS: Districts Average Pass % Subject-wise(IPE,Mar 2015)

College&Subject-wise Result % - IPE,Mar'15(II Yr Gen)

College&Subject-wise Result % - IPE,Mar'15 (IYr Gen)

College wise Result % - IPE,Mar'15 (Vocational)



RTI-CJLs Proforma-I & II (Q.No.18 & 19)Excel-A4


 G.O No.22

Contract Staff-HRMS(Individual)Excel-A4 College Copy-Download   

Contract Staff-HRMS,TS Get Online Date with DOB & DOA

Contract Staff-HRMS(Annexure-II)      Ready to Fill Proforma(2)Pgs

CJL Salaries Dec'14 to Feb'15 - CIE Instructions