Delegation of Powers :-

Gist of Procgs. Procgs.Rc.No. & Date Link to Download
Pension Sanctioning Authorities Procgs.Rc.No.A1/1204/
2000 dated 14.06.2001 of the DIE, AP, Hyd.
Pension Sanctioning Authorities.pdf
Medical Reimbursement Sanction by RJD Govt.Memo.No.1078/
IE.1/2005-1 dated 04.03.2005
Medical Reimbursement sanction RJD.pdf
Retired Principals GPF, GIS, FBF by RJD Procgs.Rc.No.Ser.1-3/
NOTE/216/CIE/2005 dated 03.11.2005 of the CIE, AP, Hyd.
Ppl GPF GIS FBF sanction by RJD.pdf
Principals EEL / SEL sanction by RJD Procgs.Rc.No.Ser.1-A-2/31/2006 dated 28.02.2006 of the CIE, AP, Hyd. EL sanction RJD.pdf
Preliminary Scruitiny Committee on Retirement of Principals Procgs.Rc.No.Ser.I-A-1/1204/2000 dated 08.01.2007 of the CIE, AP, Hyd. Preliminary Scruitiny Committes.pdf
Principal/DVEO Pension sanction by RJDIE Procgs.Rc.No.Ser-II.A-1/Spl/2011 dated 08.08.2011 of the CIE, AP, Hyd. Pension Power Delegation to RJD.pdf


Leave Sanctions :-

Gist of Procgs. Procgs.Rc.No. & Date Link to Download
Leave sanctions Procgs.Rc.No.434/JC1-3/98 dated 06.10.99 of the C&DIE, AP, Hyd. leave 29.pdf
Leave & Maternity Leave sanctions Procgs.Rc.No.Ser-II.A-1/Spl/2011 dated 24.12.2011 of the CIE, AP, Hyd. Leave 30,60,90.pdf
Leave sanctions upto 60, 90 days Procgs.Rc.No.Ser-II.A-1/Spl/2011 dated 08.08.2012 of the CIE, AP, Hyd. Leaves(60,90).pdf



Sl. No. Description of procgs. Procgs.Rc.No. & Date Link to download
  Sanction of additional sections and new groups - powers delegated to DVEO Procgs.Rc.No.Acad.I-1/750/2015 Dated 01-06-2015 of the CIE, AP, Hyd.  download