: Contract Faculty (Proformas):

> Contract  Staff  Regularisation process  starts with State Guidelines onlyPlease  Don’t follow Old Proformas/Formats  > Follow Govt./Department wise guidelines only (issued later)  > Send  all particulars in the Department designed Formats onlyPlz  counter Check the ‘Formats’ with Official T.S Govt. Orders  > All SEWAA Formats are NOT MANDATORY> All SEWAA Formats  are OPTIONAL >Use  them for  Guidance / Model  Only

C.F Duty Certificate(with paid Remunerative days)

Contract Regularisation Proposals to DVEO-Cov.Letter

Contract Regularise-Check List(Individual) 

Contract Regularise- Check List (Consolidated) Excel Set-A4

Check List Proforma(Individual) -PDF

Check Lists-CIE,TS Letter, Proforma(15 Col.s)

CJL-Regularise -Higher Edn Memo(6.4.2016)


GJC Contract Faculty Important Data(Year-wiseDates)

J.L Eligibility -Subject-wise Qualifications-Document

GJC Contract Faculty Important Data(CIE Memo No.s)

Contract Regularisations-All-Depts Data

G.O No.36(140 GJCs Sanctioned

G.O 36 (20 GJCs_ Sanctioned CIE,AP Memo- 2002



TSGJC-Teaching Posts-Cadre-wise Data 

CJL-Duty Attendance Certificate 

GJC Contract Faculty Important Data(Year-wiseDates)

Contract Staff Proforma(24 Col.)-Gen & Voc(Legal)


Disturbed CJL - Duty Attendance Certificate

C.F 3 Proformas

C.F Monthly Honororium Requirement Proposals-Proforma

CF Budget Proposals Cov.Letter

CF Acquittance for Remunerations (Month wise)

CJLs Contract Bond Matter (A4 size Ready to print)


Contract Faculty HRMS Proforma(Consolidated)Excel -Download

ContractStaff Data Capture-Gen & Voc(24Col.Excel MadeEasy-Legal)

Contract Personnel 24 Colums Proforma(PDF A4)


Contract Staff Duty Attendance Calc.Package(Dr.Suman)


CJL Application for Re-engaging & Verify Originals

CJ.L Duty Attendance Certificate

Medical Certificate        Service Certificate    

Mutual Transfer Application Format