T.S G.O-91 (Arrears in 18 Months in Two F.Y 2017-18 & 2018-19)Orders...issued!

RPS-2015 Arrears -Implementation Memo.Dt.13.6.2017

RPS-2015 G.O-91(Arrears in 18 Months) (For Empoyees)

D.A G.O-25(New @ 15.196%(w.ef.1.7.15)(For Employees)

D.R G.O-26(New @ 15.196%(w.ef.1.7.15)(For Pensioners)


RPS-15 G.O101,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 12.6.15(Death Relief 20K)

RPS-15 G.O100,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 21.7.15(Med.Allow.350)

RPS-15 G.O99,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 21.7.15(Gratuity 12 Lks)


RPS'15 Easy Simple check Package(Apr-15)(Updated)

RPS-15 GJC Principal to DVEO Lr.Proposals

Online Fixations - Required Data(Take Print out,Fill & Start)

Online Fixation -Guidelines to follow (3 step methods)

Click here--> Online Fixation <--Click here

*RPS-2015 Service Book Entry*

RPS-2015 All G.Os & Memos for Fixations

RPS-15 Fixation Supporting order of CIE,TS

RPS-15 AutomaticAdv.Scheme(AAS)Table Gr.I-XXV

RPS-15 Circular Memo 68/1/HRM IV/2014, Dt 4.4.15



RPS-15 G.O89,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 12.6.15(SCA)

RPS-15 G.O90,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 12.5.15(TTA)


RPS-15 G.O79,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 14.5.15(Drivers Spl.Allow)

RPS-15 G.O78,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 14.5.15(Conveyance Charge)


RPS-15 G.O77,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 13.5.15(Blood Bank Allow)

RPS-15 G.O76,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 13.5.15(LTC)


G.O 61(Police)   G.O 62(SubJail)   G.O 63(Machine Allow)

RPS-15 G.O60,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 2.5.15(TA & DA Allowance)

RPS-15 G.O59,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 2.5.15(Grayhounds)

RPS-15 G.O58,Fin(HRM-IV), Dt 2.5.15(Slaughter Allow)

RPS-15 G.O56,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 2.5.15(Spl.Pay Allow)


RPS-15 G.O49,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 27.4.15(TSGLI)

RPS-15 G.O47,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 21.4.15(Allow.Typist)

RPS-15 G.O46,Fin(HRM-IV), Dt 21.4.15(AHRA)

RPS-15 G.O39,Fin(HRM-IV),Dt 15.4.15(Loans&Adv)

RPS-15 G.O 38,Fin(HRM-IV), Dt 15.4.15(AAS)

RPS-15 G.O 37,Fin(HRM-IV), Dt.10.4.2015(HBA)

RPS-15 G.O 33,Fin(HRM-IV), Dt 7.4.15(Pensioners)

RPS-15 G.O 28,Fin(HRM-IV), Dt.18.3.2015(CCA)

RPS-15 G.O 27,Fin(HRM-IV), Dt.18.3.2015(HRA)

RPS-15 G.O 26,Fin(HRM-IV), Dt.18.3.2015(DA)

RPS-15 G.O 25,Fin(HRM-IV), Dt.18.3.2015(Main)

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